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Acclaim Idea

10 key innovation blockers and how to overcome them.

How can this report help?

Innovation played a huge part in the fight against COVID-19 and our economic recovery. 

But the innovation landscape has been changed by the pandemic – can existing innovation infrastructures create a balanced, fair and sustainable future? 

Our Blockers Report collates the 10 most common blockers that we know innovation leaders encounter and provides expert advice on how to overcome them…

  • Proving the value of innovation 
  • Getting senior management to support new initiatives
  • Getting employees to embrace new ideas and ways of working 
  • Lack of structure throughout the idea generation and implementation process
  • Changing the organisational culture and status quo to support innovation
  • Fear of failure
  • Conflicting goals in the organisation
  • Lack of innovation skills
  • No clear definition of innovation
  • Disagreement over who owns innovation

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