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Better Product Management Requires Better Decision Support

Do you struggle with delivering on your New Product Development goals?

Are your new products profitable and aligned with your corporate strategy?

Is your innovation management system scalable enough to support growth?

In these times of dramatic change, enterprises are prioritizing innovation and product development initiatives that enable them to get and keep competitive advantage. But identifying, evaluating, and successfully executing against the right strategic priorities isn’t easily done.

At Sopheon, we believe that better systems can yield better business results when it includes:

  • The flexibility to work within multiple processes and methodologies
  • A clear line of sight to the entire new product development lifecycle
  • Timely and accurate insights for more precise powerful support
  • A data- and analytics-driven view of resources, profit targets, portfolio composition, and more in a single-source solution

Enriched by experience with hundreds of longstanding, blue-chip customers, Sopheon provides the ability to more effectively and efficiently control and manage innovation and new product development programs and pipelines, with solutions that deliver an innovation decision command center that gives companies complete visibility, smarter decision-making, and better time to value.

Our flexible and scalable innovation single system helps customers with:

  • Superior innovation strategy-to-execution performance
  • Build the right portfolio and accelerate products to market
  • Launch better products faster and more successfully
  • Increase innovation process effectiveness and efficiency
  • Deliver consistent enterprise performance and growth

Learn how Sopheon can help you improve your product management processes with data-driven, real-time decision support for NPD and more.

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Schedule a call with an innovation expert!