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Practical ways to give your chemical company a competitive edge through innovation

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Industry outlook

Position your organization to make better decisions, faster

Today's chemical companies face a range of broad challenges – particularly in the areas of trade, sustainability, and enterprise performance. Help your organization gain an advantage in the market by making innovation integral to your plans, processes, and people.


Succeed on a global playing field that isn’t always level

Deglobalization of the chemical industry has created a great deal of tension, and this has only amplified following the supply chain issues that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. How can chemical company executives compete against brands based in regions like China and India, who face far less regulation?

“China alone already makes up more than 30% of chemical demand and supply, and the 40% mark appears to be in reach.”

McKinsey & Company

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Kris De Roeck

Business Consultant


Balance sustainability efforts with revenue goals

No issue has dominated the chemical industry quite like the circular economy. Chemical companies must constantly re-examine their existing assets, accelerate their decarbonization technologies, and diversify away from hydrocarbons where possible. But how can chemical company leaders achieve these goals in ways that don't make it unprofitable for the business?

“Emissions from primary chemical production must decline 10% as soon as 2030.”

International Energy Agency


Master the challenges of the ever-evolving enterprise

To strengthen and diversify their portfolios, leaders at chemical companies must constantly find new ways to operate more efficiently. In the face of intense competition, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and a highly complex operating environment – maximizing agility can be fundamental to their success. How can leaders at chemical organizations track trends, evaluate competitive threats, and be prepared to apply structural adjustments at any time?

“33% of chemical CEOs are not very confident about their company’s prospects for revenue growth in the next 12 months.”

McKinsey & Company

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HC Eppich

Director of Business Development


Kris De Roeck

Business Consultant


Streamline processes, select the best projects, and make the right investments

The success of your chemical organization hinges on making the right decision – every time. How can you optimize the budget you have? How can you make the best decisions about what programs, projects, and products your chemical firm prioritizes? And how can you come up with ideas for new products and validate them, so projects can be approved?

“85% of growth stalls stem from factors that are avoidable – including a breakdown in innovation management.”



Bend the innovation curve to your advantage

To compete in the chemical sector, you must generate product ideas that the market will embrace. You must accurately assess potential – and maximize ROI – for products already in-market. And, you must move beyond inefficient processes that hold you back. In other words, you must bend the innovation curve to your advantage.

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