Digital Maturity Innovation Assessment for the Chemical Industry

Learn where your organization ranks against best performers – and how you can improve

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Respond to simple questions across 4 key areas to measure how well your team applies innovation

To compete in the chemical industry, your leadership team must assess the ongoing potential – and maximize ROI – for products already in-market. You must also generate product ideas that the market will embrace. And, you must become ever-more sustainable and efficient. Would you like to know how your organization compares to other leaders in the chemical sector?

To measure how well-equipped your organization is to achieve these goals, answer a short series of questions in this interactive assessment. Offer your contact email, and the assessment will chart your responses against benchmarks, then offer advice, and recommended next steps to improve.


Gain a better understanding of your organization’s commitment to integrating innovation over the long-term in order to achieve best-in-category status.

Capabilities & Execution

Assess how well you are able to execute on plans to fulfill customer requirements and grow your market share through innovation.


Evaluate your teams’ ability to generate ideas that will better position the company to perform well in the chemical industry.

Knowledge, Experience, & Your Organization

We’d like to gather a little more information about you and your organization so we have better context when offering advice to solve your biggest challenges.

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Once the assessment is complete, you can compare your score against the benchmarks and get tailored tips to improve your organization’s capabilities.

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