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May 17, 2023 | 10:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM CET

Do you need help scaling your innovation process due to a disconnect between your company's strategy and execution?

If so, adopting InnovationOps thinking can help. To effectively scale innovation, it's essential to establish strong portfolio management and governance. Continuously evaluating all ideas, products, and projects in a structured manner to ensure they align with your overall strategy. 

Our expert host, Paul Heller, Sopheon's Chief Evangelist, will be joined by Mike Bauer, Sopheon's Chief Product Officer, as he shares his insights on establishing process governance and optimizing your innovation portfolio management.
During this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • The importance of Innovation Portfolio Management and how it drives growth and delivers results
  • How process governance can help your teams innovate at scale, regardless of the innovation process or hybrid approach your organization uses
  • Best practices for establishing process governance in your organization
  • Real-world examples of companies that have successfully implemented these strategies

Register now to discover how to establish portfolio management and governance processes that empower your organization to innovate at scale.


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Paul Heller

Chief Evangelist, Sopheon

Michael Bauer

Chief Product Officer, Sopheon