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Consistently discover great product ideas

Acclaim Ideas helps product teams to find, prioritize and validate new features and product enhancements.

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Establish a rigorous and predictable discovery process.

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Acclaim Ideas gives you a consistent methodology for capturing and validating ideas, so you can build the product your users really want.

A proven methodology

Establish a proven and consistent workflow that any organization can use to manage their discovery backlog.

Metrics and dashboards

Measure, manage and optimize product discovery with detailed reporting on the volume and viability of new ideas.

Total strategic alignment

Successful product strategy requires strategic alignment. Prioritize ideas that work towards objectives and deprioritize those that don’t.

Acclaim Ideas

Focus your resources on the ideas that matter most

Most product teams have far more ideas than they can deliver. Acclaim Ideas helps you find, prioritize and validate the ideas your users need the most, so you can build the product they really want.

Popular features

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Acclaim Ideas - Strategy


Define your user needs and product vision.

Acclaim Ideas - Goals


Set challenges or objectives and track your progress toward achieving them.

Acclaim Ideas - Explore


Capture ideas and prioritize them through user engagement.

Acclaim Ideas - Tests


Design experiments to test and validate your discovery backlog.

Acclaim Ideas - Options


Analyze your portfolio and select the best mix of ideas to deliver.

Acclaim Ideas - Analytics


Measure the volume and viability of new product ideas.

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